USANA WholeBio™ Microbiome Nutrition Bar: A Satisfying Snack for a Healthy Body and Happy Belly

Get macros for your microbes in a chocolatey bar made with naturally sweet ingredients and plant-based protein—plus probiotics and an exclusive prebiotic blend.

The USANA WholeBio Nutrition bar is a healthier snack selection. It makes it convenient to stick to your commitment to a holistic, healthy lifestyle in three key ways:

  • Keeps your energy up by fueling your body with clean, whole-food nutrition
  • Supports a healthy gut microbiome, which is important for your overall health
  • Satisfies hunger to support your weight-management goals

The USANA WholeBio Microbiome Nutrition Bar is a quick and easy snack solution that fits with your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Each chocolatey, vegetarian WholeBio bar is made from quality ingredients that will energize your day and satisfy your hunger for something more.

  • Made with whole-food, nutritious ingredients you recognize, like dates, sunflower butter, and almonds
  • Provides non-GMO plant-based pea protein
  • Sweetened with dates, plus other natural flavors that include organic cocoa powder and chocolate liquor from cocoa beans (non-alcoholic)
  • Has no sugar substitutes or artificial flavors that could leave an aftertaste
  • The rich texture is enhanced by a light crunch from pea protein crisps and organic, raw coconut chips
  • Gluten- and dairy-free to fit your individual preferences†

The USANA WholeBio bar is a deliciously easy way to satisfy your hunger and stay energized as you keep your digestive system healthy.

You’ll get the good gut benefits of fiber and friendly bacteria. Plus, this tasty chocolate treat is made with wholesome ingredients that will help keep you going all day. When it’s time to pick a snack for your busy day, go with your gut. Choose the bar that will help you live well.

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