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USANA USA Price List

USANA Product Price List for the United States Market – 2022

USANA reviews and adjust product prices and accesses the most effective shipping charges annually —at the beginning of every year.

The adjustments usually take effect in January.

Updated price lists will be provided ahead of time so you can identify affected products.

USANA Preferred Customers – What Isn’t Changing

Two things will remain constant:

  1. The ease, convenience, and 10 per cent savings of Auto Order.
  2. Enrol in Preferred Customer Prices and receive a monthly order of your choice and an additional 10% off – Yes, I want to SAVE on Regular Orders
  3. Our commitment to providing the highest-quality products—formulated using cutting-edge science, made from the best ingredients, manufactured to superior standards.

Prices may change, but our commitment to you never wavers.

Everything we do empowers you to find health and happiness—and share it with the world.

USANA – The Cellular Nutrition Company.