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USANA US Preferred Customer Program

All Preferred Customers receive wholesale pricing for purchases made through their personal customer account, saving 10% off retail immediately.

Click the Enroll Now button below to set up your customer account and receive the 10% discount on all your orders.

Enroll as a preferred customer


3 Ways to Save as a USANA Preferred Customer

  1. Auto Order Discount. Another 10% is applied off the website preferred price when you set up a monthly order. 
  2. Initial Order Reward. 10% of your initial purchase is applied as a discount towards your next two auto orders.
  3. Preferred Pricing – Lowest way to save without any monthly orders. Just continue shopping online.

 Advantages to being a USANA Preferred Customer.

  1. There are no sign up or annual fees for anyone who becomes a USANA Preferred Customer. It’s Free. No obligation to purchase. Cancel Anytime.
  2. You can get all these discounts at the same time. With this understanding you will be able to purchase USANA products at a price lower than you’ve ever paid before.

  • But that is not all!

    If you create an order today when you become a Preferred Customer, you will receive an initial order reward of 10%*  This is an additional discount that will be paid out over your next two product orders.
    For example: If your initial purchase totals $100 then $10 will go towards your next two auto orders in addition to the 10% monthly auto order discount. This means you will be able to purchase a USANA Cellsentials for only $42.95 for the next two months instead of $58.25 Retail!

    Becoming a USANA Preferred Customer is free, there are no minimum purchase requirements, and you can cancel at any time. It’s easy and the benefits are incredible.


    Click on any of the Preferred Customer Buttons, and you’ll see the image below.

  • Choose Your Country.
  • Click Preferred Customer and Create your Initial Order.

USANA USA preferred customer

  1. Any questions. Please email us at [email protected]

* The initial order reward discount does not apply to the new USANA Celavive Skin Care products. The initial order reward of 10% is applied as a 5% discount on the first auto order and 5% on the second auto order.

Enroll as a preferred customer