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If you think the word gut is gross, prepare yourself for the next sentence. Your gastrointestinal tract is a hotel for trillions of little critters. Science tell us there are more bacteria inside our gut than there are skin cells.

This bacteria increase your ability to metabolize a variety of substances you couldn’t without the enzymes they provide. So they work for you.

And you’re somewhat in control of your gut microbes. With some effort and dietary diligence, you can change things up. Diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, and your environment can all impact the composition of your gut microbiome.

This is why USANA places such an emphasis on improving our gut health. We need to ensure the majority of foods we consume daily, especially the upcoming USANA Wholebio Probiotic Bar has the correct balance of prebiotics, probiotics, fibre and other important nutrients that all make up the correct balance inside our gut.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber’s complex structures play a role in diversifying your gut’s microbes as does pre- and probiotic bacteria. Research has shown eating a variety of fiber-rich foods diversifies your microbiome. People with a diverse array of gut micro are better at responding to environmental challengesG

Maintaining a healthy gut barrier is a big one. Your gut helps facilitate the absorption of beneficial nutrients into the body. Your gut also helps keep harmful substances from being absorbed.

Dietary fiber has been shown to help support the natural protection and healthy absorption in your gut. If your digestive system is lacking in beneficial probiotics, fiber and bacteria your digestion system will be unlikely to absorb the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health.

USANA is very excited to see the New Probiotic Bar launching in 2019 as this could help with the challenges some people face with their digestive health.

USANA Microbiome and Gut Health

And a lack of fiber may negatively impact the natural intestinal barrier system. But increased protection can come when there are adequate amounts of fermentable dietary fiber. This fermentation process has been shown to help maintain intestinal health in two ways. The first is increased cell proliferation (increase of the number of cells). The second is increased cellular specialization (when cells change to perform a specific job).

Dietary fiber also impacts your gut’s immune function. That’s important. The gut contains up to 80 percent of your body’s immune cells. And feeding the growth of beneficial microbes with dietary fiber also supports healthy endocrine (hormone) response, nitrogen metabolism, and signaling between the gut, liver, and kidneys.

You can see that keeping your microbial buddies healthy and happy is important for maintaining good health. And a great way to support a lush, diverse community of gut microbes is to eat a variety of fiber-rich foods.

If you’re seriously interested in improving gut health. Start with improving your bacteria (USANA Probiotics) and increasing your Fibre (USANA Fibergy Plus)

USANA’s research on gut health is continuing. Later on in 2019 USANA is launching a new, and very tasty, WholeBio™ Nutrition Probiotic bar that will assist in the development of beneficial bacteria and improving the microbiome balance of your gut leading to improved digestion and overall health.

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