Are Supplements Bad For You?

Are Supplements Bad For You

Are Supplements Bad For You

…is a question that many practitioners have been asked many times…and it’s also a very popular search term, so you could say Food Supplements are on peoples minds and it’s actually a great thing. People are getting picky. So do your research.

You’ll see there is an overwhelming volume of evidence that Supplements are a Necessity today to maintain and improve our health long term rather than something to consider when you’re getting sick.

So you might ask yourself.

Do I Need To Take Vitamins?

The answer is simple. Yes you do need to take Vitamins. But the question still remains. Are Supplements Bad For You, and it’s like a double edge sword right…you may think, perhaps need them, I take them occasionally, I wonder if they are working… but they might be bad for me too! Argh…too many people with all these opinions!!!

So let me put it this way. Our bodies need additional nutrients to counteract many harmful effects of the environment. The evidence is clear. But don’t take it from me, check this out. The United Nations Earth Summit did a study measuring the available nutrients in the soil and consequently what level of nutrients get passed into the food we eat. Here’s an interesting study done by the agency Read It Here.

This study wasn’t just over a year or two – This study was one of the longest most in-depth studies ever done on our soils, crops and food. It started in the 1950’s and completed in 2007. I have the information on what was uncovered, and it blew my mind. I will never, ever stop taking pharmaceutical grade vitamins, they will be a part of our families food routine until we can no longer swallow and many scientists and experts in the field of health and wellness do the same and I encourage you to consider the same routine.

OK hang on a sec…someone said to me the other day ‘But I Don’t Believe In Supplements‘. My response was, ‘You don’t need to believe in order for them to work‘. Okay, heads up, you might not believe in Carrots either, but when you eat them. They go to work.

So are Supplements Bad for You? Well, it’s better to say The Food Standard Supplements aren’t the best choice for long term health, so these are supplements found in the supermarkets and most health food stores – but lets face it, you won’t get sick from taking them…well you shouldn’t, but the cheap ones may upset your delicate biochemistry and just get excreted.

So the next question… Are Supplements A Waste Of Money?

Well, in short Yes. Most food grade standard supplements are made to the lowest standards possible so the manufacturers make the most money in a competitive marketplace. So Food Grade Supplements are just OK. Not Great. They may contain contaminants that you wouldn’t want in your body as well, nor your kids bodies. A recent article on this came out last week. Check this article out, it’s pretty horrendous What’s Inside Supplements

Not All Supplements are Created Equal.

There are several grades of vitamins on the market. Two you should be focused on: Food Standard and Pharmaceutical Grade. Pharmaceutical Grade is what you need and want in your body. They pass more quality control measures, the ingredients are quarantined and tested for undeclared ingredients, they are potency guaranteed, label claims are accurate and the vitamins and minerals are bio-available.

So most nutritional practitioners suggest Pharmaceutical over Food Standards any day. Makes sense right? You wouldn’t want a Pilot taking you to Fiji with an ‘adequate pass’ on their flight exams. You want ‘a top level 100% pass’ type of Pilot right?

What Vitamins Should I Take?

I would consider taking USANA CellSentials. It’s not just because I market them, it’s because I truly trust in them – that’s why I encourage others to try them. They make a difference. USANA Supplements make a difference to your health.

They are Pharmaceutical Grade and have guaranteed levels of potency, uniformity and disintegration…meaning your body sucks up the nutrients 100% of the time. Each Batch undergoes 900 scientific tests to ensure they are the highest graded nutritional products on market.

To up-skill yourself on USANA CellSentials you can read this. Why Should I Buy USANA CellSentials Review. Follow this link if you would like to Buy USANA CellSentials 

Douglas Laboratories is also a great option for supplements as is Solgar Labs. These companies also have my trust with manufacturing high quality vitamin supplements.

So. Are Supplements Bad For You? They are a fantastic option to work alongside a balanced diet. Be consistent with them. Choose only Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins. Not Food Standard.

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